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Theologies of Terrain

Theologies of Terrain Paperback by Tim Conroy“In this dwelling of scars/the history of dirt is blood,” Tim Conroy tells us in this excellent debut. There is sadness in these poems, vivid renderings of childhood abuse and of lives that ended too soon, but the beauty of the natural world is also acknowledged, as is the realization that memory offers consolation as well as sorrow, all of which leads to the poet’s hard-earned affirmation that “love has saved me.” Bravo! – Ron Rash

“In the journey you inventory/all it is you carry”, writes Tim Conroy early on in Theologies of Terrain. These fine poems map a complex and beautiful journey through loss, love, and, finally, revelation. They chart masterfully the complex hills and valleys of grief and memory. They probe at the edges of the mystery of family, maybe the landscape most full of hard, sometimes impassible terrain. There are many beautiful poems here, and we are lucky to have such a collection to map our own journeys. – John Lane

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Tim Conroy is a poet and former educator. His work has been published in journals, magazines, and compilations, including Fall Lines, Auntie Bellum, Blue Mountain Review, Jasper, Marked by the Water, and Our Prince of Scribes: Writers Remember Pat Conroy. In 2017, Muddy Ford Press published his first book of poetry, Theologies of Terrain, edited by Columbia, South Carolina, poet laureate Ed Madden. A founding board member of the Pat Conroy Literary Center established in his brother’s honor, Tim Conroy lives in Columbia.


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If your book club or writing group or local library is interested in hearing about Pat Conroy’s Love of Poetry and how he encouraged me to write “Theologies of Terrain, I’d be honored to join you — either in person, if it’s possible, or by speakerphone or Skype. Email me with “Tell Me A Story” in the subject line, and let’s have conversation about poetry, reading, and writing.