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Fearless Nate-appeared in Fall Lines Volume 6

When nine-year-old Nate arrived at Camp Logan, an upstate wilderness camp for kids with emotional disabilities, his stare was indecipherable. He unloaded his duffle bag from the van in an uncoiling motion. There wasn’t an ounce of fat on Nate’s nine-year old frame. I...

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Piccolo Spoleto-Sundown Poetry Series

Before my reading at the Sundown Poetry Series at Piccolo Spoleto, I roamed the streets of Charleston contemplating moments of joy.  The weather was ominous and dark clouds swept into the city and it was if the day was telling me that this too was joy. For lives are...

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Piccolo Spoleto’s Sundown Poetry

I am over-the-moon to announce that I will be reading at the Piccolo Spoleto’s Sundown Poetry series at the Dock Street Theatre Courtyard on Thursday, June 6, at 6:30 p.m. I get to stand on stage and read for you. I can’t tell you what an honor that is. To read,...

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Poetry is to Blame

Poetry is to blame. I haven’t posted for a while. I have been working on my second collection of poetry. Like most projects, it’s been tough going. I have a few more poems to write and then I will start the process of trying to find a publisher. The poems in this...

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I have people to thank

I have people to thank and to be thankful for. My singer songwriter friend, Lang Owen and my good buddy, the poet Al Black made the winter so much brighter by dreaming up a fabulous collaboration called, “Two Hats and a Ponytail.” Lang is the true talent of the group....

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Buxton Books

I really enjoyed meeting new friends and seeing old ones at the reading at Buxton Books. Polly and Tiger are the engaging owners of this wonderful and intimate bookstore. Their staff were exceptionally kind and made this a special evening for everyone. My friend, the...

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Waccamaw Library

I want to thank the Waccamaw Library, the Friends of the Waccamaw Library, and Daniel Cross Turner for his help with the event. I am especially grateful to Libby Bernardin and Cliff Saunders and to the South Carolina Poetry Society for sponsoring the Tea and Poetry...

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Home Fires

Thanks again for checking out my blog. The poem, “Home Fires” appears on page 30 in the recently released edition of Fall Lines, Volume 5, 2018. I thank Cindi Boiter, Ray McManus, Kyle Petersen, and Tony Tallent for selecting and publishing this collection...

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Coiled Silence

The flash fiction piece, “Coiled Silence” was published in Fall Lines Volume II in 2015. For a period of our lives, Terrye and I shared a duplex with her sister, Deborah, in West Columbia. This story derives from those years spent in WECO. They were good...

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Marsh Deer

Marsh Deer appears as the last poem in the first section in my book of poetry, “Theologies of Terrain.” My brother Pat did see an early version of this effort on July 29, 2015. The first failed version began, “On barrier islands, the marsh deer heed the...

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Purchase Theologies of Terrain

Muddy Ford Press (My wonderful publisher)

Theologies of Terrain Paperback by Tim Conroy

“In this dwelling of scars/the history of dirt is blood,” Tim Conroy tells us in this
excellent debut. There is sadness in these poems, vivid renderings of childhood abuse and of lives that ended too soon, but the beauty of the natural world is also acknowledged, as is the realization that memory offers consolation as well as sorrow, all of which leads to the poet’s hard-earned affirmation that “love has saved me.” Bravo! – Ron Rash