I want to thank the Waccamaw Library, the Friends of the Waccamaw Library, and Daniel Cross Turner for his help with the event. I am especially grateful to Libby Bernardin and Cliff Saunders and to the South Carolina Poetry Society for sponsoring the Tea and Poetry Series. I want to thank them for inviting me to read. Libby and Cliff gave wonderful introductions and then Grace Ocasio blew us away with the strength of her poetry and imagery. It was an honor to read with this gifted poet and kind soul. After the reading, my friend and local legend Doc Simons, son Daniel, and band blew the doors off the DeBordieu Auditorium. I need to thank Mary Ruth Ragland for hosting Terrye and I as guests at her house and for throwing a great reunion celebration. It was wonderful to visit with friends from Andrews Elementary School and Georgetown County. I have said this in the past, but my experience with those remarkable professionals was one of the most pivotal moments of my life. Readers of poetry, Libby Bernardin’s powerful collection of poetry, “Stones Ripe for Sowing,” published by Press 53 is one of my favorite collections. Her poetic voice is uniquely rich and observant. She is a force of nature and to know her is to know the soul of a river and to witness the greening of the marsh.